It’s an art, not a business

Creating an emotional connection between our client and their audience starts and ends with the brand experience

Our Philosophy

At KHWDesign, our work is centered around the brand. Creating an emotional connection between our client and their audience starts and ends with the brand experience.

We have a deep understanding of brands and the ways in which their attributes can be expressed whether through text, image or multimedia. We work closely with our clients to uncover these attributes and communicate the core messages that bridge the gap between the brand and its audience.

As a full service interactive design studio, we help our clients achieve all of their goals by making sure the brand experience is fully realized, from the planning stages to the final implementation. Our designers and developers create compelling solutions that target our clients objectives and their audience needs by finding a true balance between form and function.

Who We Are

KHWDesign is a Pakistan based web-development firm located in the urban outskirts of Karachi, the hub of all activity.

We’re a forward thinking design company specializing in creating strong brand orientation for social and environmentally-conscious companies. We love working with companies that want high quality web and logo identity, from the look and feel of your site, to the color palette that will be used across all mediums including, web, print, identity, and advertising.

We will create an identity for your company that your demographic can identify with so they feel connected to your purpose in creating a better world and creating a successful business.

Our unique life stories bring an open-minded approach to your business, whatever your location.

We’ve helped countless businesses from around the globe start their businesses online and achieve success. We would love to help yours. Contact us any time to see how we can be of service!

What We Create

  • High-Quality E-Commerce Systems
  • Custom Content Management System Based Websites
  • Branding & Identity
  • Print Media
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Marketing (SEO, AdWords, Facebook, Ad Networks)



Qutub Abbasi
Web Design / Graphic Design

Shayaan Tahir
Executive Consultant (E-Commerce) / CEO HomeShopping.PK


Shahbaz Khawaja
Managing Director



and what they say...

  • KHW has been a great asset to our company. The work has always been exceptional. We began hiring them to do small projects and they are now managing our entire e-commerce website plus developing a whole new site for another one of our projects. We've had some difficult times recently with our site security due to previous developer issues, and KHW really managed it well and helped us get back up and running efficiently.
    Jane Sheppard / CEO HealthyChild
  • KHW has provided me with quality web design on more than one occasion. Our first project was, however we work on other projects ongoing, all the time. KHW is honest, dependable and produces excellent results
    Glenn Hughes / CEO FixMyBrokenWebsite
  • KHW have been our primary outsourcing contact in South-Asia and handle most of our media and design needs. They have proved time and time again that they are at the forefront of the e-commerce game and have provided us with quality work numerous times and handled all our needs professionally
    Lydia Frasier Jones / SVP DripplMedia